What could be more beautiful, softer, more refined, refined and more elegant than flowers? Petals, flowers, buds and stems have always served not only as an excellent subject for the image on canvas, but also were the very focus of natural beauty that has always excited the minds of both ordinary observers and artists looking for inspiration in the world around them.

It is hardly a craftiness to say that paintings with flowers are perhaps the most popular when it comes to decorating a home. The very variety of natural forms and colors is already pushing creators to create an endless and unique variety of paintings on this subject.

A picture of flowers will look great in any interior and in any room - the main thing is to choose the one that is suitable in style, direction and, of course, that suits your taste. Here, both you and the artist can be as free as possible in expressing your vision. Equally wonderful will be both serious academic oil paintings, which you just want to hang on the wall in a classic living room, and delicate watercolor flowers, decorated in simple frames and taming the wall of a bedroom in the style of Provence.

This is a truly limitless and very interesting destination. Choosing pictures, you can not put yourself in a frame of color, material, or stylistic orientation. Just start small - choose the color scheme that suits the interior of your bedroom, living room or study. You can try to push off from personal associations and tastes - choose a painting not by color, but by your favorite flower. If, for example, roses, lilacs or lilies delight you, why not decorate your home with images of these beautiful flowers? In addition, unlike real bouquets, a picture with flowers will delight you and your household for many years.

Painting with watercolors, oils or acrylics depicting flowers will become not only an exquisite accent in your interior, but will certainly please your taste as a gift, especially if it is presented to a woman or a young girl. There are much more wonderful paintings written by talented contemporary artists in this direction than in many others, which makes it almost impossible to describe all the thousands of variations. Therefore, if you are still looking for the perfect gift or universal interior decoration, and decided that a painting with flowers is exactly what you need, then be sure to visit the catalog of works on Art Compass. We are confident that we will help you find what you have been looking for.