Mixed media

Is it possible to drive art into a rigid framework and should there be a limit to creative thought and the flight of the artist's imagination? Why limit yourself to choosing only one technique when creating a canvas? Or maybe you should go even further and allow yourself more freedom not only in the manner of painting, but also in the choice of materials and their combinations?

If you are already a very experienced connoisseur both in painting and in graphics and want to find something that can impress and captivate you not only with the idea, but also with the form of presentation, then you have definitely come to the right place. Why choose what will be the best decoration for your living room: a pencil painting or a watercolor painting? - Just choose everything at once, because unnecessary restrictions are clearly inappropriate here, and the use of mixed media will give the artist complete freedom of expression when creating a canvas.

Paintings made in mixed media are more likely not even another subspecies in the whole variety of paintings and graphic works, but something completely special and blurring the clear framework of classifications in principle. If you or the person to whom you would like to present a gift are brave and open personalities, not alien to innovation, experimentation and avant-garde, then mixed media paintings will be an excellent and, most importantly, uncommon choice.

What should you pay attention to first of all? - First, look at the obvious - the catalog of abstract works in mixed media. If you've been looking for creativity in its purest and most obvious form, then you will definitely find some definitely tempting options.

However, why limit yourself to the simple and obvious? You can try to go a little further and pay attention to topics that are more subtle for understanding and perception. For example, a very harmonious and sensual image of a female silhouette in the "nude" style, drawn using both smooth watercolor stains and sharp graphic lines made with pen and ink.

An infinite amount of material for inspiration is given to the artist, first of all, by the world around him. What could be more immense and varied in its manifestations than floristry? An incredible palette of colors and textures pushes you to experiment not only with the stylist, but also with the materials themselves to do the work.

Paintings in mixed media can suit everyone's taste, because they combine everything: a variety of combinations of techniques and materials for performing work, and complete freedom in choosing an object for an image. Still busy with choosing a picture as a gift for a friend, choosing an extraordinary canvas that will decorate the wall in your living room or the ideal interior element for your new office? If you could not find what "catches you" among the more academic canvases, then this section will clearly not leave you indifferent. Immerse yourself in complete freedom of creative expression with ArtCompass Club!