Animalism, as a genre of fine art, originated in the primitive world, reflecting the desire of a person to capture the elements of the world around him. The first images of such a plan were presented in the form of rock paintings, reflecting the knowledge of the anatomy of the animal, its beauty and danger to humans. The first such "paintings" on a stone, roughly, date back to thirty thousand years BC and this is not surprising, because from time immemorial people have tried to reflect the world around them on a variety of objects.

However, the decoration is animalism. as a distinctive style in art occurred much later, already in the Renaissance. It was at that time that animals began to appear on the canvases of Masaccio and Durer. The images of animals have changed significantly over the years. In the paintings painted already in the Renaissance, animals already personify not only danger and aggression towards humans, but acquire grace and expressiveness in combination with primitive strength.

The greatest advantage of the “animalism” genre is the variety of techniques and directions in which a drawing or painting can be made. The gradation of possible styles even includes such absolute opposites as hyperrealism and abstract imagery. Such a variety will definitely not give you the slightest opportunity not to find something to your taste.

Paintings with animals, made, for example. in the style of "realism", will appeal to those who prefer classical painting and are somewhat cautious about overly creative canvases. A painting in the genre of “animalism” selected to your taste will be the perfect finishing touch to the interior design of your living room or personal study.

Abstract paintings with animals, in turn, are unlikely to leave indifferent connoisseurs of art who are more open to experiments. The abstraction on the wall in the living room itself sets the tone and mood of the whole room, but such a mixture of styles can be a much more interesting find. Why not hang a canvas with, say, an interestingly played out image of a drawing of an exotic animal's skin?

The nursery also has space for a few small, cute animal-inspired paintings. As a rule, children like everything related to animals, and a couple of picturesque images of cats, foxes, dogs or even exotic creatures will not only fit perfectly into the interior of the room, but will also arouse keen interest and curiosity on the part of the child.

Currently, many artists paint paintings in the style of animalism, so buying paintings with animals will not be an overwhelming task for you, and the ArtCompass portal is ready to help you with this. Our site presents paintings by both young artists and authors who have found their audience and have already become famous.