Gouache paintings

Gouache is traditionally considered a somewhat controversial art material. As a rule, doubts about the value of such an object of art as gouache paintings are caused precisely by the specificity of the work and behavior of this type of paint.

To begin with, the work done in gouache can hardly be called pictorial. And the point here is not at all that this type of water-soluble paint can only be applied to paper, not to canvas. The pictures themselves, drawn in this technique, look very graphical, even from the point of view of the layman.

Unlike watercolors and oils, gouache never had its own school and, more significantly, its own niche in the visual arts. The main area of application of this material has always been design, poster and rough work.

Do not underestimate the properties of gouache when it comes to decorating, for example, theatrical scenery. Even at this point in time, it is difficult to find (and why?) A more convenient and simple material for performing this kind of work. Ease of use, no need to use special solvents, the ability to quickly cover large areas of cardboard and paper, as well as a high drying rate helped this material to firmly establish itself in the workshops of decorators.

Posters and gouache paintings made using the poster technique also have their special charm. Thanks to the same simplicity and intuitiveness of the technique of working with the material, most of the designers have used and continue to use gouache. Probably everyone remembers such home-made posters and advertising posters of the Soviet era, special in their mood. Yes, before the era of general computerization, this design direction flourished, but even now you can find modern works that convey the very spirit of the era.

Also, since we have said so much about the simplicity of the material, it would be strange not to mention gouache as a material for teaching young artists the basics of working with paint, and also as a wonderful material for creating sketches for painting. Perhaps, it is gouache that becomes for everyone studying the academic painting of the creator, the starting point for comprehending more complex techniques, materials and techniques. Typically, the knowledge gained about working with gouache is then used to create sketches on canvas before the final drawing in oil or acrylic. However, with due attention to this basic technique, the artist will be able to create truly unique and very atmospheric works: from interior stylizations for vintage posters and posters of the last century, to still lifes and landscapes with a special emphasis on the graphic quality of the image.

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