1. General provisions

  • In accordance with Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (Civil Code of Ukraine), this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is a public agreement, the terms of which are the same for everyone.
  • This Agreement defines the conditions for using the website www.artcompass.club (hereinafter referred to as the site), by individuals (including - representatives of legal entities) and regulates the conditions for providing information for posting on the site.
  • www.artcompass.club is a site specializing in the publication of advertisements for the sale of works of fine art (paintings). The site provides an opportunity to place on its platform information about a work of fine art - the author's full name, his contacts, the name of the painting, style and technique of execution, other parameters and characteristics, as well as add a description of the work, its cost and a photo of the painting.
  • The site Art Compass Club is owned by DartcGroup , which, within the framework of its powers and capabilities, is responsible for the correct functioning of the site, and also has the full and unconditional right at any time to make edits and changes to the technical and legal activities of Art Compass Club
  • Use of the site by users and visitors www.artcompass.club is subject to full and unconditional acceptance of the User Agreement. By accessing the site, Users guarantee that they have reached the age allowed for the acceptance of this Agreement, and also agree to be legally and legally responsible for their actions in using the service.
  • In case of disagreement with any of the rules set forth in this Agreement, the User must immediately leave the service.
  • If you need to get additional clarifications regarding the rules of the site functioning, the User should contact the support service support@artcompass.club
  • This Agreement is posted on the Internet, at www.artcompass.club and may be amended by Art Compass Club - in part or in full - at any time without notifying users.

2. Definitions and Terms

  • Art Compass Club is an Internet project dedicated to the popularization of contemporary art and allows registered users to showcase their works of art on the site www .artcompass.club , as well as allowing a potential buyer to contact the author, his official representative and / or the owner of the painting to formalize subsequent relationships for the acquisition of the painting or other civil law relationships.
  • www.artcompass.club (hereinafter referred to as the site, service, Art Compass Club) - a platform that provides services for placing Ads for the sale of items fine arts.
  • Site visitor (visitor) - any person who has entered the site page www.artcompas.club , through the Internet.
  • Site user - a visitor who registered on the site using a specialized form and passed verification by e-mail.
  • Registered User (hereinafter referred to as the User, the Author) is a capable individual who has reached the age of majority, who has passed registration and authorization on the site, who has the desire and received the technical ability to place an Announcement on the site.
  • Announcement - publication on the site of information provided by the User regarding a specific work of fine art.
  • Subject of the announcement (hereinafter - the Product) - information about the Product for sale - a specific work of fine art.
  • Painting (hereinafter - painting, work) - a work of fine art, put up by the User for publication.
  • Photo - a photo on the site means an image of a painting posted by the User on the site in .jpg, .jpeg, .png formats with a volume of no more than 5 mb.

3. Subject of the User Agreement

In accordance with this User Agreement, the subject of the Agreement is the provision of Art Compass Club services to users of the site www.artcompass.club on a free and paid basis on publication and display of advertisements for the sale of paintings to any visitors to the site.

4. The term of the User Agreement and the procedure for making changes

  1. The User Agreement comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Internet, on the website www.artcompass.club and is valid until Art Compass revokes Club.
  2. Art Compass Club reserves the right to amend or revoke this Agreement at any time, in its sole discretion.
  3. If Art Compass Club makes changes to the text of the Agreement, such changes come into force from the moment the text of the Agreement with the changes is posted on the site www.artcompass.club or from the moment stipulated in the text of the Agreement.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

Art Compass Club has the right :

  1. Change in whole or in part the rules of using the site, the requirements of the User Agreement, Terms of use of the site , as well as other documents governing and regulating the operation of the site, at any time , without prior notification (notification) of site visitors;
  2. Change the structure and content of the site, its name, content, corporate style, design elements, etc. - partially or completely;
  3. Determine the number of ads posted on the site for free, as well as set a limit on the number of free ads both for all Users and for certain groups, categories, regions (limit). If the limit for free placement of Ads is reached, Art Compass Club has the right to offer the User to place Ads for a certain fee, on the terms of paid placement;
  4. Set tariffs (tariff plans) based on the conditions of paid placement, as well as change them at your discretion;
  5. Completely or selectively check the Ads for compliance with the requirements of the Terms of Use and the User Agreement at any stage of placing the Ads, both at the time of creating and sending the Ads for publication, and in the process of displaying it on the Site. If the Announcement detects signs of violation of the provisions and requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine established by Art Compass Club, Art Compass Club has the right to refuse to place the Announcement - to stop displaying the Announcement, block it and / or provide the User with the opportunity to eliminate the violations, block the Announcement without the possibility of editing it;
  6. Delete the User's Ads and / or information about him in case of complaints from third parties about the User;
  7. Disable User accounts, restrict their access to the Service in whole or in part at any time without prior notification and explanation;
  8. Limit the number of active ones, i.e. User's Ads available for viewing by third parties on the site, as well as to restrict the User's actions on the Art Compass Club site;
  9. Move, terminate or extend the display of the Ad for technical reasons, under the control or outside the control of Art Compass Club;
  10. Stop displaying any Announcement at any time;
  11. Make a decision to place User's ads on the websites of Art Compass Club partner companies, Art Compass Club pages in social networks. When placing User Ads, Art Compass Club has the right to apply Art Compass Club logos / watermarks to the photos provided by the User;
  12. Change and / or add language versions of the site. In this case, the site content will be translated into other languages automatically;
  13. Attract advertisers and independently regulate the conduct of advertising campaigns carried out on the site;
  14. Conduct advertising campaigns to attract new visitors to the site, expand the target audience, increase the commercial effect of the site's activities, as well as for other purposes determined by Art Compass Club.

The user has the right :

  1. Go through the procedure of Registration and Authorization on the site, subject to unconditional acceptance of the rules of the Art Compass Club service;
  2. To ask questions of interest to him about the services provided by the Art Compass Club service, using the communication channels indicated on the site - a feedback form; by telephone or e-mail;
  3. Get individual access to your personal account;
  4. Use all the free services available on the site, available after registration on the site;
  5. Use the paid services of Art Compass Club;
  6. Place advertisements for the sale of paintings on the Art Compass Club, taking into account the unconditional fulfillment of the rules and requirements of the service;
  7. To post information about yourself in the section of the site "Authors", if the author of the advertisement and the author of the picture are the same individual;
  8. Independently edit information about yourself in your personal account, edit your adschanges, change the relevance status of their ads (set the status “Sold” and / or restore the ad), perform other actions allowed by the service and not contradicting the rules of this Agreement and / or other documents regulating the procedure for working on the site;
  9. Independently determine and set the cost of the goods in the Advertisement;
  10. Negotiate independently with potential buyers who have contacted the User, negotiate a deal or decide to terminate these negotiations;
  11. Use the site solely for the purposes and procedures provided for by this Agreement and not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine. The User's activity on the Art Compass Club service should not:
    • embarrass, humiliate or insult others;
    • violate and / or contradict any requirements of the legislation of Ukraine;
    • violate and / or contradict the general principles of public morality;
    • disrupt, block the normal functioning of the site using malware, codes and / or other tools;
    • contain unauthorized advertisements, advertising materials, unsolicited mail, spam, links to other web resources;
    • contain materials calling for violence, containing obscene language, elements of pornography and other materials prohibited for use and posting on the Internet.

The user is prohibited from:

  • transfer activation data on the site (login, password) to third parties;
  • duplicate your ads, indicating the same product as the subject of sale; post ads about the same ad subject on behalf of different users;
  • register under different names;
  • register under the same name using different communication channels - phone numbers, email addresses, etc.;
  • post product photos exceeding 5 mb in size in unacceptable formats;
  • abuse the services, content and features provided by Art Compass Club;
  • collect, copy, store and / or transfer to third parties any public information about other users of the site;
  • place in your ads photos of paintings with logos, watermarks, links to other web resources applied on them;
  • use in your ads photos of paintings that are not directly related to the subject of the ad;
  • distort and / or hide personal information provided to the Art Compass Club service;
  • post any information that can be interpreted as:
    • false, inaccurate or misleading;
    • conducive to fraud, deception or abuse of trust;
    • leading to transactions in stolen or counterfeit items;
    • violating or infringing on the property of a third party, his trade secret or his right to privacy;
    • containing information that offends someone's honor, dignity or business reputation;
    • containing defamation or threats to anyone;
    • calling for the commission of a crime, as well as inciting ethnic hatred;
    • facilitating, supporting or calling for terrorist and extremist activities;
    • obscene or pornographic;
    • containing computer viruses, as well as other computer programs aimed, in particular, at causing harm, unauthorized intrusion, secret interception or appropriation of data from any system, or the system itself, or a part of it, or personal information or other data (including data Art Compass Club or other Users);
    • causing harm to the service, as well as leading to complete or partial loss of Art Compass Club services of Internet providers, or services of any other persons;
    • violating the intellectual rights of third parties, the right to the image of a citizen and other material and intangible rights of third parties;
    • otherwise violating the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • use, copy or otherwise display any individual site pages, design elements, components, articles, texts, logos and / or other information belonging to Art Compass Club or other users of the service;
  • copy, modify, post, transfer to third parties services or content related to the activities of the Art Compass Club service;
  • use any information posted on the site to create databases;
  • try to disrupt and / or disrupt the normal functioning of the site;
  • take any action that violates the rights of other users;
  • otherwise violate the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as the rules and requirements in force on the site.

6. Use of the Art Compass Club website

  • By placing an Advertisement on Art Compass Club, the User confirms that he has the right to dispose of the subject of the Advertisement and / or to carry out legal actions in relation to it, provided that this does not require special permissions.
  • By placing an Advertisement on Art Compass Club, the User must fill in the information fields regarding authorship, execution technique, etc. The information provided by the User to the Art Compass Club service must be true, accurate, current and timely.
  • Description of paintings, terms of sale, cooperation and other information posted by the User on Art Compass Club should not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine, this Agreement, both at the time of posting this information on the site, and in the future, including possible changes to the provisions of the legislation of Ukraine and other circumstances.
  • The User is obliged to independently make sure that by his actions he does not violate the provisions of the current legislation and the User Agreement, having familiarized himself with the contents of the list of prohibited goods, the rules for placing Ads, the requirements for Ads and other documents governing the provision of services on Art Compass Club. In case of detection of incorrect and / or incomplete information, the User is obliged to independently correct inaccuracies and / or delete the publication.
  • The User is solely responsible for the sale of the Products, the proposals for which are posted by him on the Art Compass Club, and any consequences thereof.
  • Art Compass Club is not a seller and / or intermediary of transactions made by Users, based on the information received at Art Compass Club, and therefore is not responsible for transactions concluded between Users when using Art Compass Club, and their consequences .
  • The User is responsible for the conformity of the subject of the Advert to the declared descriptions, characteristics, quality, safety, as well as for the legality and ability to sell the subject of the Advert.
  • All claims to the Goods, to the content of the Announcement, User information and any other requirements to the User within the framework of the concluded transactions, based on the information posted by the User on the Site, are resolved by the User on his own and at his own expense, without the participation of Art Compass Club, since Art Compass Club is not a party to such transactions.
  • In view of the gratuitousness of using the service for posting Ads in accordance with these Terms, the provisions of the legislation on consumer protection do not apply to the relationship between Art Compass Club and Users arising from the use of the Site and specified in these Terms of Service.
  • By accepting this Agreement, the User automatically consents to the collection, processing and use of information about the User in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”. In addition, the User agrees that Art Compass Club may collect, use, transfer, process and maintain information associated with the User's account in order to improve the quality and / or expand the range of services provided to the User.
  • Art Compass Club collects both basic personal data, such as name, surname, patronymic, address and email address, and secondary (technical) data - cookies, connection information and system information.
  • The user agrees that the confidentiality of data transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed if access to this data is obtained by third parties outside the zone of technical means of communication under the control of the site administration. In this case, the Site Administration is not responsible for the damage caused by such access.
  • The site administration can use any information collected through the Site in order to improve the content of the website, improve it, transfer information to the User (upon request), for marketing or research purposes, as well as for other purposes that do not contradict the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

8. Contacts Art Compass Club