Perhaps, it is precisely abstraction that reflects the very essence of contemporary art in the best possible way. In a world that obeys strict laws of logic and is tied to the implementation of clear algorithms, we sometimes begin to sorely lack creative freedom and the ability to let our consciousness fly free.

This excessive pragmatism and rationality, on which our civilization is based, began to become too cramped for the creative ambitions of a contemporary artist. The critical moment of fatigue from strict rules and clear laws for the construction of paintings came at the beginning of the twentieth century, immediately after the peak of following the trend for technicality and strict adherence to compositional norms.

Just at this critical time, many artists, now recognized as geniuses and masters of the highest class, challenged the tight and ossified framework of academic painting and turned their eyes and creative aspirations towards abstract canvases. From that moment on, a whole era begins in the world of fine art - the works of the rationalists and pragmatists are replaced by the works of free romantic masters who were able to create new and bizarre worlds with their brush.

Speaking about today, it should be noted that abstract paintings are no less popular than works made in the traditional style. The boldness and richness of strokes and strokes, balance and harmony of color, as well as the strict geometry of such images simply could not leave indifferent any connoisseur of art and just a lover of beauty.

The abstract painting has already quite firmly blended into both ultra-modern residential interiors and the atmosphere of creative work spaces. The main feature of such canvases is the artist's complete freedom of self-expression, which makes it possible to obtain, as a result, paintings full of pure energy and expression. Concentration on the emotional perception of the image, not the form - this is the central idea underlying abstract painting.

If we talk about a strict classical interior, then an abstract picture will probably look foreign in it, however, if you prefer a loft or modern style, such a canvas is exactly what you have been missing for so long. Do not be afraid to add bright colors to your home, start by browsing the catalog of works on Art Compass and you will surely find the “right” picture.