Still life

Still life is rightfully considered one of the most popular trends in easel painting and, it should be noted, has firmly held this position for more than one century. Being one of the strictly academic genres, still life has a number of its own fine traditions and a powerful school of painting. It is not at all surprising that many great masters gave preference to this particular direction, thereby making an invaluable contribution to its development.

Still life paintings as interior decoration are used not only in modern houses and apartments, but were also an indispensable attribute of the furnishings of majestic halls, palaces and residences of noble persons. The great paintings made in this direction and preserved to this day entered the history of art as milestones in painting and became a reference point for many generations of young artists on the path to improvement.

Still lifes are one of the leaders in terms of the variety of subjects and variations of the objects depicted. Paintings depicting dishes for eating, kitchen utensils and food are considered classics. Floral still lifes are no less popular, depicting, as a rule, a picturesque composition of flowers, greenery or autumn leaves surrounded by a variety of draperies. Also very interesting can be pictures that depict, for example, vases or several glass vessels. Such canvases can be not only beautiful, but also carry a certain concept or idea.

Usually, find the answer to the question "Where to hang the still life?" does not constitute the slightest difficulty. The kitchen is considered to be the classic "habitat" of such paintings in an apartment. An interesting image of food and drinks or kitchen utensils on such a canvas can add zest to your interior. And if you are the happy owner of a fairly spacious living space, then feel free to choose still lifes to decorate the dining room with the living room. Here, by the way, you can already take a closer look at floral paintings or more original themes. Be sure that the still life direction is wide enough so that at least one of the presented paintings sinks into your soul and becomes a stylish accent in your home.

If you are looking for something to dilute the boring kitchen decor - choose a still life. If you are looking for a solid painting that will highlight the classic interior, choose a still life. Looking for a picture as a gift, but so far unsuccessfully - the answer is still the same. Even if you don't want to choose anything and just decided to enjoy contemporary art online, go to the gallery of works on Art Compass, we will be glad to see you.