Pencil paintings

A pencil is perhaps the first material with which each of us once began to draw. For many, this has remained a hobby, for some it has become a path to becoming a master in one of the areas of fine arts.

Why do we all start with a pencil? The answer is as simple as the material itself - it doesn't require any skills to get started. It is not so important whether it is a colored pencil or a “simple” graphite pencil, in any case it will allow you to express your vision on paper in a matter of minutes.

Pencil drawing, and especially a portrait made in this simple graphic technique, has become a completely self-sufficient direction in artistic activity. Among the advantages are not only the speed of execution of work and minimal costs for materials, but also the ability to draw anywhere and create beautiful and emotionally charged work literally "on the go". The ability to quickly capture the current moment and the opposition in this digital technique, unique for artistic material, may have forever determined the somewhat peculiar role of this technique.

Thinking about what a "pencil painting" is, one cannot but recall the portraits already mentioned above. It is likely that in the future they will be perceived by contemporaries as some feature or trend of this century. The variety of their performance is striking: from works "from nature", made according to all the academic precepts of drawing and anatomy, to works "from a photo" in the spirit of hyperrealism.

A pencil is rarely used on formats over A4 due to the high consumption of material and the time it takes to complete a picture over a larger area. However, do not underestimate its artistic properties - a pencil has long ceased to be just a tool for creating sketches and sketches.

It is not easy to find such a pencil drawing that will fit into a typical apartment interior, but it is still worth looking towards classic oil and watercolors. However, if you are serious about looking for an unusual decoration for a modern interior, then a pencil painting, or even several such paintings, will be able to any space in your home, without attracting too much attention to yourself.

Simple and minimalistic pencil drawings or even interestingly designed sketches can unambiguously fit both into the "loft" style that encourages such experiments, as well as give individuality and sophistication to a room with a simple European-style renovation.

It is now as easy as possible to buy a painting with a pencil and decorate your home, workplace, or simply give it to someone dear to you. Thanks to the Art Compass project, all the works of promising young artists are now collected in one place, and you can select and purchase your favorite pencil drawing directly from its author.