It is hard to disagree that nude paintings are a very special and extremely sensual genre in painting. Beautiful images of the female and male body or their silhouettes are still a kind of "taboo", which, perhaps, only fueled the interest of a fairly broad masses in this direction.

Nu is a completely non-academic genre of painting. Although in all art educational institutions work with nudity is a mandatory component of the program, the resulting paintings can hardly be attributed to this genre. Yet the purpose of this practice is completely different - the study of human anatomy and the consolidation of this skill in relation to the visual arts. Even if such works become full-fledged paintings from sketches, then, as a rule, they lack that subtle and playful eroticism inherent in nude images.

Do not be wrong and think that nude is something about vulgar and immoral, and not about art. On the contrary, it is a search for beauty in details and, in its own way, a celebration of the perfection of the human body. The image should not, although it may, have a pronounced sexual connotation. Many of the most interesting and alluring nude paintings are a kind of mystery, revealing only minor details to the beholder: a naked shoulder line, a flirty curve of the back, seductive long legs or neat feet. Such images, as a rule, are perceived much more emotionally and on a much more sensual level than more explicit canvases.

A classic, undoubtedly, is a nude painting depicting a female body. The variety of types of such paintings can really amaze: from individual parts of the body and silhouettes, to cute girls strolling along the beach or lounging in bed. Not an ounce of vulgarity or debauchery - just beauty in its original and extremely ingenuous form.

A rarer and therefore interesting option can be nude paintings depicting a male body. Although this variety is rare in this genre, it would be wrong not to mention it. A painting depicting an attractive young man, or, for example, only his chest and abs, will become a real hit in your interior.

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