Pastel paintings

Pastel is perhaps not the most widely used technique in mass art. Pastel paintings are rarely seen as interior decoration in a typical Ukrainian apartment. As a rule, oil painting is still more popular, which, however, does not in the least detract from the beauty of works made with pastel crayons.

Pastel, as a graphic technique, can be extremely diverse: from delicate airy and "watercolors" works to brighter, more intense and picturesque paintings. At the moment, three types of materials are used for drawing, which are collectively called "pastel".

First of all, these are, of course, wax crayons that are well known to many from childhood. Although the artistic value as a material of this type of pastel is considered rather low, in its simplicity and ease of use it gives the creator a lot of opportunities to express himself in various decorative and applied and design directions. With a sufficient understanding of the specifics of working with colored wax, the artist can create paintings with pastels that are absolutely unique in their mood: from illustrations on "children's" themes to unique abstract canvases created by melting and heating chalk material.

Also, an important niche is occupied by works created by oil pastels. In their mood, such paintings create the impression of rather a pictorial canvas, departing from the usual understanding of graphics. Due to the special thick texture of the material and the saturation of the crayon pigment, this type of pastel can be used to create works with stunning texture and play of colors. As a rule, this material is often underestimated due to certain limitations in the work and lack of "academicness". However, competently using the features of oil pastels, the artist can create absolutely stunning works: from bright and "juicy" still lifes to colorful landscapes in the spirit of Van Gogh.

And, of course, the most popular and respected material in this technique is dry pastel. Thanks to these simple crayons, so reminiscent of children, graphic artists create truly masterpiece paintings in pastels. Unlike the previous ones, this type of pastel is more widely used, and the number of techniques for working with dry pastels allows you to create works from light and airy to bright and expressive. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes or just sketches - with proper mastery of the material, the creator gets complete freedom to express his mood and perception.

Works in these techniques are rarely found on sale, but now you can buy pastel paintings as easily as those made in more traditional materials. The ArtCompass site is open to all young artists who want to sell their pastel paintings, which means that you can definitely find among the works exactly what will not leave you indifferent.