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1995 г.

width / height

70 sm / 100 sm

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In one "kingdom-state," a people lived and survived behind a stone wall. The rulers of this "kingdom-state" forbade their people to go abroad freely: to see, learn and compare the world outside THIS stone wall. The general mass of the people lived in ignorance and therefore "considered" themselves happy. One day, in the late hot summer of August 21, 1991, as a result of the mediocrity of the government of that "kingdom-state", all hell broke loose, the struggle for power and the collapse of the "union of fraternal free republics" began. The "Warsaw Pact" bloc also gave up its life. And a candle was lit for the repose of the common "kingdom-state," and a tombstone was hastily nailed to the remnants of the high stone wall.
In times of turmoil and devastation, in good fairy tales, usually good fellows- saviors, creators and builders appear and save their people from evil forces and from the misfortune. But it didn't work out that way.... Wrong people, wrong fairy tale, wrong heroes.
That's why the misfortune happened. Slippery creeping buggers infiltrated the rotten nest of former tsars, the former state. And they did not live by fair laws (the laws of economics) for the benefit of their people, because they were accustomed to live by their conscience.
In a very short time, in a rotten nest of former tsars, the main slippery bastard, at the root chokes the slightest sprout of progress, freedom and democracy. And with his stinking, slimy slime, he attracts the likes of him to lick his stinking ass. They breed, stupefying the people with lies and destroying "sanity. And the people of this "kingdom-state" silently watch as the fattened, Botox-infused, slimy creep crawls out of the Kremlin, like a stinky mutation, trying to transform himself into a predator. His fangs are erupting, and he's showing signs of a wild, sickly beast, the semblance of a "tiger." He growls and threatens, bites his neighbors and shits in their gardens, drools and scares passers-by.
The year 2022 is here. The year of the tiger. There is no cure for rabies. A sick rabid beast is put to sleep or shot, safety for the sake of a healthy society. And all its "heroes" will be shamed. And all that will be left in history is a wet, smelly place from the creep.

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