1. Registration on the site www.artcompass.club

To register on the site and become a full user of Art Compass Club, you need to go through the step-by-step registration procedure:

1. click the button “ Registration "

2. fill in the registration form fields (required fields are marked with *)

Your e-mail *

enter your valid email address, which you have access to and can regularly check incoming emails

Your name *

the name and surname that you enter in these fields, if you add an ad, will be displayed for other site visitors as information about the author / owner of the picture

Your last name

Mobile phone *

mobile phone number must be specified in international format; to do this, you must directly enter the phone number in the format of your country; mobile phone will be displayed in the announcement in the Contacts section, as well as in the author's contact details - as the main means of communication with him

Password *

password must contain at least 6 (six) characters; try to specify a password that will be difficult for a third party to find, and you can remember; it is recommended to use capital letters and special characters

Confirm Password *

re-entering the password is necessary to avoid misspelling

I'm not a robot *

a standard confirmation field that the registration is a live person, not a program

I agree with the terms of the Public Offer and the Terms of Service *

before ticking the corresponding checkbox, you must read the User Agreement and Terms of Use of Art Compass Club

3. after filling in all the fields, click the "Register" button

4. a letter will be sent to your e-mail - confirmation of registration. To activate your account, you must follow the link provided in the letter.

Please note: registration on the site will be completed only after clicking on the link

2. Authorization on the site www.artcompass.club

Authorization is intended for registered users. To get into your personal account, you need:

  1. click the button “ Login ”;
  2. enter the email address and password you provided during registration;
  3. click the "Login" button

3. Password recovery

If you are a registered user of Art Compass Club and have forgotten your password, use the password recovery function. To do this:

  1. click the Login button;
  2. follow the link “ Forgot your password ?";
  3. enter your registration email address;
  4. a new automatically generated password will be sent to your e-mail, which you can change, if you wish, after logging into your personal account

4. Features of your personal account

After authorization on the site, you can go to your personal account, where the following functions will be available to you:

  1. Editing personal data - to edit and / or supplement the personal data specified during registration, click the "Edit" button. This module allows you to:
    • add your photo - upload an image in * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .png formats;
    • edit personal data - name, patronymic, surname;
    • add date of birth;
    • enter a brief key information from your bio;
    • add and / or edit contacts, indicating additional phone number, country, city, as well as postal address and your personal website.

    After making additions and / or changes, click the “Save” button.

  2. Changing the password for entering your personal account - to change the password, you must enter the old password, the new password and confirm (re-enter) the new password. After filling in all the form fields - click the "Change" button.
  3. Adding ads.
  4. View your previously posted ads - My works.
  5. Account Information - this section contains general information about your account - the rate at which you operate at Art Compass Club, the number of posted works; the number of works being moderated (checking), as well as the possibility of switching to other tariff plans.

5. How to addannouncement

To add an ad, you must:

  1. register on the site, go through authorization, go to your personal account and in your personal account click the "Add work" button;
  2. enter information about the painting by filling in the fields in the form for adding a work:
    • picture name;
    • category - the type of paints with which the picture is made, in fact - how the picture was drawn / painted (oil, acrylic, pencil, etc.); for your convenience, the section contains typical types of paints; in case the work is done in other ways, choose the category "Others"
    • genre - it is necessary to indicate what is the main subject of the picture - people, nature, abstraction, etc.
    • style - the choice of style (realism, impressionism, etc.) in which the picture was created; if in the standard list there is no style suitable for your work, choose “Other style”;
    • material - the basis of your work (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc.); if the painting was made using other materials not provided for in the standard list, select “Other material”;
    • price (in US dollars) - the cost of the work that will be displayed in the ad; we draw your attention - the price is indicated in US dollars (this format assumes convenience for buyers from different countries);
    • year - in this section you must specify the year the painting was created;
    • color - some buyers choose a painting, focusing not only on its plot and style, but also on the main color palette of the work; indicate the prevailing color in your painting;
    • parameters - width, height (in centimeters);
    • photo (image) of the painting - a required field for the announcement of the sale of the painting; to add a photo of the painting, use the "Upload Image" button; Please note that the image format must correspond to the formats * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .png; allowed image size - no more than 5 mb. Post photos that convey the dignity of your work as clearly and authentically as possible;
    • description - indicate the technical parameters of the painting, which will give the potential buyer a more complete picture of the painting;
    • if you are not the author of the painting, in the "I am not an author" check-box, you must put a tick and in the "Author" field that opens, indicate the artist's name, surname or pseudonym;
  3. After entering all the information, click the "Save" button.

After being verified by the moderator of the Art Compass Club website, your painting will be available for viewing in the “Paintings” section , and your profile will be automatically displayed in the “ Authors ”.

6. How to get to the section “ Authors ?

The section "Authors" publishes information about those registered users who have posted at least one advertisement for the sale of a painting on the Art Compass Club. The author's profile is formed on the basis of the information provided by the user in his personal account and contains the following information:

  • surname, name, patronymic of the author of the ad;
  • contact details;
  • author's photo;
  • biography;
  • the work of the author.

If you missed any points in the personal data, they will not be displayed in the author's public profile.

7. Actions with ads

A registered user in his personal account can perform the following actions with the ads posted by him:

  1. make changes - if necessary, the user can edit the information in his ad; to do this, you need to enter your Cabinet; select an ad; click the "Change" button; make the appropriate changes; click the "Save" button;
  2. set the mark “Sold” - the user can assign the status “Sold” to his ad; in this case, the ad remains in the general display of paintings on the site in its positions, but with a corresponding mark;
  3. restore ad - if the status “Sold” was chosen by mistake, the user can restore the ad. To do this, you need to enter your personal account, select the desired ad and use the "Restore" button.

8. Ad placement recommendations

When placing an advertisement for the sale of a painting on the Art Compass Club, it is worth considering some points:

  1. take high-quality photographs of the painting - the clearer and better the image is, the easier it will be for the buyer to make a purchase decision;
  2. place photos of paintings directly - additional elements in the photo (interior, filters, frame, etc.) distract the attention of the buyer from the painting itself; remember that on the Art Compass Club website it is forbidden to place in your ads photos of paintings with logos, watermarks, links to other web resources and other postings applied to themsingle elements;
  3. fill in the "Description" field when adding a picture - this way, you can answer in advance possible questions from the buyer (whether the work is framed, whether the ends are painted, what are the features of this work, etc.) and avoid possible claims from the buyer;
  4. indicate the real author of the painting - remember to observe copyright, put up for sale only those paintings that you are the author and / or owner of;
  5. fill in the information requested on the site as fully and correctly as possible; include valid contacts so that the buyer can contact you directly;
  6. remember about the safety of transactions; Art Compass Club is not responsible for transactions between the authors of ads and buyers, therefore control over the conclusion and implementation of agreements is in the area of responsibility of the authors of the ads;
  7. indicate in your ad the actual price for which you are really willing to sell the painting; do not overstate the price - remember that not all buyers are ready to bargain;
  8. follow the Public Offer Rules and the Art Compass Club Terms of Service