Картина акрилом "Leaves-Flowers-Butterflies"


60 $

Samohval Oleksandr






Петриковская роспись


Стиль и направление


2017 г.


40 см / 50 см

Основной цвет


The picture is painted with acrylics on canvas stretched over a stretcher. The picture can be placed on the wall without a frame. Used technique Petrikivka painting (see below). Delivery in Europe is carried by the state company "Ukrpochta", the cost of delivery is 25 Eur. To payment after receiving the parcel by money transfer. Petrikivka painting (or simply "Petrykivka") is a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style, originating from the village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine, where it was traditionally used to decorate house walls and everyday household items. The earliest known examples of this style date from the 17th century, but it continues to thrive and develop as a modern art form. The distinctive features of this folk art style are its flower patterns, distinctive brush techniques, and its traditionally white background (contemporary painters, however, often work on black, green, red or blue backgrounds). In 2012, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine recognized Petrykivka painting as a part of intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine, and it was included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. Petrykivka painting has become a "brand" in Ukrainian popular culture, and a "Petrykivka" trademark belonging to the artisans of Petrykivka village has been created. (Wikipedia)
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